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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us!

World MysteriesTV Network stores information that we collect through cookies, log files, and clear gifs to create a “profile” of your preferences. This statistical information may be used to help World MysteriesTV provide tailored services and to improve the content of the site for you.

Giving us your personal data on this site is completely optional and will require you to setup an account with a password and an email address. You may also submit additional personal information (including data on your profile and on message boards). Please remember that any information you submit becomes public information that can be viewed by others.

We may use the email address provided by you to contact you from time to time about offers, or other related services. We will NOT share your personally identifiable information (email address, first or last name, etc.) with ANY third-party or partner unless you explicitly request us to do so.

The World MysteriesTV service may display links to third party sites. We advise you to check their terms of use and privacy policies before submitting your personal information to them.

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